International Women's Day

08 March 2018

Happy International Women's Day

Started by the Suffragettes in the early 1900's, the first International Women's Day was celebrated in 1911. International Women's Day belongs to all communities everywhere - governments, companies, charities, educational institutions, networks, associations, the media and more. Whether through a global conference, community gathering, classroom lesson or dinner table conversation - everyone can play a purposeful part in pressing for gender parity.

Press for Progress!

International Women's Day


20 December 2017

Christmas 2017 is already upon us and we are grateful to all our wonderful clients, professional colleagues and suppliers. 2017 has been a strong year for us amidst all sorts of political uncertainty and, once again, we look towards 2018 with confidence and great expectation.

Merry Christmas everyone and see you in the New Year.

The offices of BURROWS LITTLE will be closed for the Christmas period from 23rd December until 1st January.

Merry Christmas BURROWS LITTLE

Huddersfield's Kingsgate Shopping Centre signs up The Light Cinemas

01 December 2017

John Sullivan of The Light Cinema has always said, "It’s anathema to us to just plonk a box in a town centre. We work very closely with the developers, their architects and ours, the local authorities and planners and we are wholly committed to our chain, our circuit and any cinema that we develop.”

That's perhaps why the pre-development process between Kingsgate, The Light Cinema and Huddersfield Town Council has taken as long as it has and why everyone is so excited that the contract between the parties is now signed.

Ensuring that the cinema will form an integral part of the already successful Kingsgate Centre, it will be surrounded by a new mall of exciting restaurants at Ground Floor with a brand new street access to the centre. The connection to the existing Kingsgate mall will be enhanced and revitalise the centre of the project. Covell Matthews are the overall project architects and Burrows Little have worked very closely with their team throughout the design development phase.

We will keep you posted as we progress on site.

The Light 9-screen, Huddersfield, Kingsgate Leisure Development, Mixed-Use, Cinema, Multiplex
The Light 9-screen, Huddersfield, Kingsgate Leisure Development, Mixed-Use, Cinema, Multiplex